The Team

Experts with different backgrounds, each with their own specialization.

Ralf Zoetekouw

"Intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them."

Study background: BSc Econometrics & Operations Research, MSc Econometrics & Operations Research

Talents: Extracting value from data, translating business challenges and associated data.

Dedicated to data: From an early age I started keeping track of my tennis and football stats in a booklet. This passion for data continued a few years later by entering and analyzing these stats in Excel. I'm glad I can turn my hobby into my job!

Project with most impact: A model created for the social domain that predicts which households have a high probability of being eligible for financial aid in two years' time. In this way, these households are helped preventively and costs are saved.

Ricardo Van der Aa

"Feel the power of data!"

Study background: BSc Applied Mathematics, MSc Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Talents: Artificial Intelligence implementation (Python, R), Data visualization (PowerBI), Process mining (Disco, ProM), Data warehousing (SQL).

Dedicated to data: We really want to help companies further. Taking the step together towards a data-driven society, where decisions are made based on intuition and quantitative knowledge. Let's help each other into the future!

Project with most impact: Visualizing the cycle times of operations in a production line, allowing us to identify the bottleneck in the process. This contributed to the decision to invest millions in new machines to solve the bottleneck in the process."

Sander van Donkelaar

"Never stop learning."

Study background: BSc Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence, MSc Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence

Talents: Building ML models and Implementing data-driven solutions in a business environment.

Dedicated to data: I find it very interesting how large amounts of (unstructured) data can be converted into valuable and manageable information using data-driven technologies.

Project with most impact: I have researched a model that can recognize patterns in brain activity based on Deep Learning. The aim is that the model can recognize what word a person is thinking of. The results of this will be presented and published at the 2nd IEEE International Conference on Human-Machine Systems, in Magdeburg (2021)"

Paul Peters

"You can't use up creativity, the more you use the more you get."

Study background: BSc Political Science (Minor Data Science), MSc Computer Science: Data Science

Talents: Implementing Data Science solutions with cloud technologies, Building analytical web applications, Predictive Analytics, Data Mining, Computer Vision.

Dedicated to data: A great eagerness to learn new innovations that create value, which drives me to help organizations get the most out of their data.

Project with most impact: Establishing a cloud data platform for data storage, processing, delivery, analysis and management. This has resulted in better insights into the available data through linked dashboards and it has resulted in a lot of time savings because the data was processed in automated data pipelines.

Job Oosterkamp

"Knowledge without action is meaningless."

Study background: BSc Econometrics & Operations Research, MSc Business Analytics & Operations Research

Talents: Combining data and customer knowledge to operate more efficiently or gain valuable insights.

Dedicated to data: Data contains an enormous amount of information, but this is often not immediately visible. By understanding this data, I always look for better solutions or useful insights.

Project with most impact: Researched demand forecasting for a logistics service provider to improve the added value of machine learning compared to standard techniques. to show.

Bart Engelen

“The world is a dynamic playing field. Therefore, continuous exploration driven by unbiased curiosity are key to stay ahead of the game.”

Study background: BSc Technische Bedrijfskunde, MSc Computer Science: Data Science

Talents: Translating data science jargon into Jip and Janneke language, to make the digital transition understandable for everyone. Optimizing business processes within different industries. Using analytical tools such as Tableau and Python, provide insights that spark discussions and sometimes go beyond expert knowledge.

Dedicated to data: My environment knows me as the Excel nerd. With love and passion I grab my laptop at sometimes unexpected moments to make an analysis of visualization with Tableau, Python or Excel of crazy things that come to mind. In companies where, over the years, daily routines dominate the daily status quo of operations, I like to search for opportunities to to optimize. The usage of data is the key to success.

Joris Booij-Liewes

“Everything has value, discover how to incorporate it.”

Study: BSc Econometrics & Operations Research, MSc Econometrics & Operations Research

: Operations Research, Machine Learning & Time Series Econometrics.

Dedicated to data
: Giving everyone the opportunity to make the transition to a data-driven future. The win-win nature of optimisation using data makes me enthusiastic about making an impact with long-term improvements.

Project with most impact
: Conducting research into a personalised and automated marketing strategy for the Eredivisie football club PSV with the aim of increasing turnover and customer satisfaction.

Thijn Hermsen

“Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Study background: BSc Electrical Engineering, MSc Electrical Engineering

Talents: Data Engineering, information processing and automation.

Dedicated to data: Automating boring or demanding tasks in a smart and efficient way feels great to me. With an engineering mindset I reach goals by working in a pragmatic way.

Project with biggest impact: Building a sports betting bot that automatically places bets on sport matches. Retrieved an algorithm from big data analysis that spots and acts upon market inefficiencies. Long term results point out the bot beats the market and achieves significant results.

Michiel Welling

"Geen woorden maar data!"

Study: BSc Econometrics & Operations Research, MSc Econometrics & Operations Research

Talents: Understanding patterns in data, translating a model into the concrete business use case

Dedicated to data: With the exponential growth of data and methods to extract value from it, I believe that we are moving towards a society where soon (almost) everything we do will be data driven.

Project with the biggest impact: Modeling risk neutral densities on S&P-500 Options data to learn more about risk aversion of investors during the economic crisis of 2007-2008.

Remco Coppens

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

Study background:BSc Industrial Engineering and Management, MSc Operations Management and Logistics.

Incorporating advanced data concepts into operational processes.

Dedicated to data:
Fascinated by the creation of value, often starting with a problem or a desire. A lot of companies have a lot of data at their disposal, but they do not see the opportunities that it can bring. To start with this data and build a product that extracts value from it, that makes a data project worthwhile.

Project with biggest impact:
The development of a framework that is able to optimize warehouse lay-out and the underlying control policies of all types of warehouses. By simultaneous optimization of these aspects a global optimum can be attained, instead of the sub-optimal result obtained by separate optimization. The use of this framework automated this process and reduced the execution time from several months to only several hours.