Dedicated to data WHY DATACATION?

Datacation consists of a driven team of data professionals.

  • We are the whiz kids, the IT nerds, with a social character.
  • The Datacation team focuses on actually implementing data-driven solutions as a business solution through co-creation.
  • We have all the knowledge of the latest data technologies. We focus on long-term relationships but ensure short-term, really useful output.
  • Datacation offers the complete solution from A-Z: from engineering to AI & ML implementations!

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Datacation solves the paradox:
lowering costs while raising value.

Ralf Zoetekouw , Founder Datacation

Our success stories

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"The Datacation team has done an excellent job, proactively contributed with new ideas and proved to be able to quickly master complex matter. The team has taken our data model to the next level."

Joost van Breda
Head of CCO, ING

The Datacation team has been very helpful in analyzing merchandise purchases and in developing recommendations specifically: which items can we offer to which type of fan? After building a good understanding of our data, with extensive analysis, they provided a hands-on solution that we can get started with!

Joeri Verbossen
Head of Marketing Intelligence, PSV Eindhoven

"Datacation has proven that it dares to step off the beaten track, which has resulted in new, innovative insights. This has helped us to make significant improvements on the Qualified platform, beyond our own imagination."

Ron Meelen
Director, Qualified

‚ÄúDatacation's innovative entrepreneurs have the right insight: they see that not only big data, but also its analysis and the correct visualization are essential to make your business future-proof. We are very excited to fully develop this with them in the coming years.‚ÄĚ

Noud van Stekelenburg

"The Datacation team was able to understand our way of working quickly and were able to point out limiting factors in our current process. They came up with practical solutions and were able to explain these complicated technical solutions in easily understandable terms. They helped us reach the next phase in our ability to provide evidence based advice."

Bertrand Prinsen
, Labor Redimo

"Datacation's briljant professionals have helped us substantiate and predict various scenarios for our investment fund, based on the mathematical formulas of the Key Indicator Document."

Ad van Kemenade
CEO, True Asset Fund

Our Solutions

Together we deliver solutions with an impact. Datacation helps you with defining, designing and implementing all your challenges.

Quick Scan: Strategy

Quick Scan: Strategy

In order to work data-driven, we first have to look for the hidden data opportunities in your organization together. In co-creation, we develop a data strategy that answers our business and technical questions. We are happy to support you in making your organization more data mature.

Data Infrastructure

Data Infrastructure

Our data engineers extract raw data from different sources, process the data and make it useable for stakeholders within an organization for optimal data management. We offer solutions for Cloud providers AWS, GCP and Azure, but also support you with on-premise solutions.



Do you need help to monitor and improve your business processes in PowerBI, Tableau or Qlik? The Datacation team has certified experts and a lot of work experience with these dashboarding tools.

Machine Learning & AI

Machine Learning & AI

Our data scientists design algorithms that improve themselves through repetition and automatically adding new data. In this way, the algorithm gets better and better at recognizing patterns in large databases. Finally, we use these patterns to make predictions about new data.

Text Analysis

Text Analysis

Text analysis, also called text mining, is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to convert the (unstructured) text in documents and databases into normalized and structured data, suitable for analysis. This way, we make it possible to analyze large amounts of text fast and automatically.

Statistical Analysis

Statistical Analysis

Our econometricians collect, investigate and present large amounts of data to discover underlying patterns and trends. Furthermore, we perform process mining to support the analysis of operational processes based on event logs. Our goal is to convert event data into insights and actions.

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